Markdown notes, kept simple.

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Marquee allows you to keep moving

Write markdown, read plain text

Write your notes efficently in markdown while marquee displays your document as formatted plain text as you type. No delay, no reloading, instant previews!

Runs on Window, Mac & Linux

Marquee is build with electron.js allowing it to run on many platforms without compatibility issues. The resulting single code base means wider support and faster updates.

Open Source

100% Open source software. All the source code is hosted and avaliable on github.

Cross Platform

Supports many operating systems including Linux, Mac and Windows.

More coming

Future features include cross-device sync via cloud storage making your notes avalible on all your devices all at once.





Manual Installaion

Don't see a download for your platform? No worries Marquee is open source. Just download the source and you can build it yourself!

$ # Clone from github
$ git clone

$ # Install dependencies
$ cd marquee
$ npm i

$ # Run with electron
$ electron .

Get started instantly!

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